Our Value Proposition

About us

We are a consulting firm specialized in social performance and community relations, and our purpose is to catalyze individual and organizational transformations for a more humane social management, based on respect, empathy and benefit for all parties. With our InSight we help our clients build a solid foundation for social performance, adequate management of socio-environmental risks and impacts, and for the integration of business into sustainable regional development.

In addition to our services, we dedicate our efforts to issues such as the adoption and implementation of international standards, integration of human rights and gender perspectives in social and business performance, resettlement, artisanal mining management, socioeconomic development programs and relations with indigenous peoples.

Intervention sectors

Natural resource-based industries

Mining, oil & gas, agribusiness, mining, agribusiness

Energy generation and distribution

Government and Civil Society

Peace building and regional development management

Our Principles

Equity and Inclusion
Long-term vision

Our Pillars

Our portfolio is based on three pillars, which represent the cycle of social performance evolution:

  1. Perspective
  2. Integration
  3. Social Understanding

Benefits of InSight

Transformation and evolution

Holistic vision and practicality

Social Understanding

Generation of an integral social culture in your business

Solid foundations for social performance


Our team has a total of more than 30 years of global experience.

We find opportunities amid the complexities of the business environment

We provide a broad, inclusive and thorough understanding of your socio-political environment

Our Clients

Our Team

Experience, strategic vision and conscious leadership

Founder and ConsultantLaura Garcia

Associate ConsultantMilena Peralta