What do we do?

We generate value to your organization through our portfolio of services.

These range from social perspective and stakeholder analysis to conflict management and engagement with indigenous peoples.

If you are interested in exploring how our experience and approach can generate a positive impact on your business, we would be delighted to learn about your needs and accompany you in the process.


Our products and services provide comprehensive solutions to natural resource-based industries, enabling them to understand their area of influence, strategically plan their relationship with communities and achieve business objectives while integrating into regional development. 

We understand the fundamental importance of companies respecting and committing to the human rights of communities and workers. Therefore, our goal is to ensure that these principles guide every aspect of our work, thus guaranteeing the respect and promotion of human rights in all instances..

Our portfolio is based on three pillars: Perspective, Integration and Social Understanding, which represent the social performance cycle. 

In addition, we have services to solve specific requirements in:

  • Design of ad hoc products and services according to the customer's needs.
  • Implementation of our services in the field
  • Ongoing advice on social performance
  •  We provide semi-permanent or permanent social workers in the field.
  • Monitoring and evaluation of the company's social performance


We provide our clients with a broad, inclusive and deep vision of the socio-political reality of their environment.
Services that provide a social perspective to the business:

1. Comprehensive Social Perspective: Due Diligence and Sociopolitical Context Analysis

We analyze the context and relevant conditions of the social environment to provide real, reliable and timely information for planning and decision making.

2. Socioeconomic Baseline Studies

We carry out socioeconomic and socio-political characterization processes to provide our clients with detailed information on the communities in the area of influence, geo-referenced information and interactive maps, for environmental licensing processes and as a planning and decision-making exercise.

3. 360° Stakeholder Analysis

With our methodology, we prepare a detailed analysis and map of relevant stakeholders for the project or operation, which facilitates the design of relationship plans, dialogue and negotiation processes, and decision making.

4. Social risk and impact analysis + gender and human rights perspective.

We identify and assess the risks and impacts associated with the business, including gender and human rights perspectives, and design prevention, mitigation and compensation measures.

5. Critical Geography

We integrate stakeholder mapping, risk and impact analysis, and socioeconomic baseline into a platform that analyzes spatial location and organizes layers of information into visualizations using 3D maps and scenes.


We facilitate the integration of social performance into the dynamics of the business, to include social criteria in different areas and in decision making and project planning, thus helping to fulfill the social purpose of the business.
We provide integration through the following services:

Design of the Social Management System

We co-design with our clients and elaborate the social management system in line with international standards, and in response to the needs of the business and the social context, with a strategic and long-term vision.

2. Teams for a humane social management

We co-design with our clients and elaborate the social management system in line with international standards, and in response to the needs of the business and the social context, with a strategic and long-term vision.

3. Social Integration in Business

We design mechanisms that catalyze business transformation and facilitate its implementation, in order to integrate social criteria into the dynamics of the organization. We facilitate processes of articulation of the social area with other areas, for an integral management of socio-environmental impacts, and to achieve the objectives of the business and the community, for sustainable development.

4. Catalyzing social capabilities: Training and coaching

We prepare social performance teams, other teams and management through training, coaching, facilitation, facilitation, coaching and experiential workshops to better understand and use the fundamental tools of social performance, strengthening their negotiation skills, dialogue and connection with communities.


We promote understanding between the different parties, for a harmonious relationship between the company and the community.
Our services for social understanding are:

1. Social performance in action: Stakeholder engagement

We design and implement actions focused on achieving a company-community relationship with a long-term vision, transparent, reciprocal and beneficial for both parties.

2. Capacity building for dialogue and meaningful conversations

Through experiential workshops, we generate capabilities for the company and the community to achieve meeting spaces for dialogue, consensus and agreement building, to overcome differences and go beyond reactive and transactional relationships.

3. Conflict Management: Harnessing the transformative power of difference.

We help our clients to manage conflicts with their stakeholders, from the analysis of their root cause, the meeting and negotiation between the parties, and the achievement of agreements that prevent their resurgence, while taking advantage of the potential of the conflict to create new realities.

4. FPIC - Free, Prior and Informed Consent and engagement with indigenous peoples and ethnic minorities.

We have multicultural experience that allows us to facilitate relationship processes with indigenous peoples and other ethnic minorities, define methodologies to advance processes of prior consultation and/or free, prior and informed consent, and guarantee respect for the rights of these peoples.

5. Socio-economic development programs

In a participatory and inclusive manner, we design and implement programs aimed at the sustainable development and competitiveness of the regions leveraged by the company.

6. Integration platforms for sustainable development

We support our clients in the creation of platforms that integrate and articulate the efforts of diverse actors and sectors to generate sustainable regional development strategies.

Benefits for companies

Regulatory compliance: We help companies understand and comply with relevant regulatory frameworks and social policies. This ensures that operations are conducted within legal boundaries and avoids sanctions and legal disputes.

Social license to operate: We help companies gain acceptance and support from local communities. This makes it easier to obtain the social license to operate, which contributes to a more stable and sustainable business environment.

Risk and impact management: We help companies manage potential risks and negative impacts of their operations on communities. This helps prevent social conflicts, reduce adverse impacts and strengthen corporate reputation.

Improving corporate image: By adopting a comprehensive and responsible social approach, our clients can improve their corporate image. This means greater trust from consumers, investors and other key stakeholders, which can result in a competitive advantage and additional business opportunities.

Contributions to the communities

Participation and empowerment: We encourage the active participation of communities in decision-making related to projects and activities that affect them. This gives them a voice in the process and strengthens their empowerment, allowing them to influence their own development and the protection of their rights and interests.

Sustainable development: Our services promote the integration of social aspects into company projects and operations. This contributes to the proactive management of negative impacts, and to the potentialization of opportunities. In addition, it helps promote the sustainable development of communities, fostering their economic growth, improved quality of life and the protection of their cultural and environmental heritage.

Generating employment and opportunities: Companies that engage with our services can generate local employment and economic opportunities for communities. This contributes to reducing poverty, improving social inclusion and promoting the development of local capacities and skills.