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Frequently asked questions about our company
What are InSight's target sectors? Who are our clients?

Our experience has been mainly focused on the extractive sector, mining, oil, and gas, in all stages of the operation: from entering new geographies, exploration, licensing and construction, to operation and closure. We know the implications and social performance needs for each of these stages, both within companies (needs of the team and process planning), as well as in their sociopolitical environment (communities expectations, information needs, dialogue, negotiation, and consultation strategies).

We have also worked with the construction sector for large infrastructure projects, both in urban and rural sectors, and in the expansion of public service networks, hydroelectrical projects, construction of oil pipelines, expansion of ports, among others.

Our potential clients are companies in the extractive and construction industries, who have a firm conviction of integrating social performance into their business dynamic, of building commitments with the communities and other stakeholders in their social environment, of being catalysts for local and regional development and, above all, who have the purpose of acting with integrity, transparency, equity and inclusion, and truth.

Where does InSight work?

InSight is where its clients are!

We are based in Medellin, Colombia. Our field work experience has taken place in different geographies, and we have engaged with a great diversity of communities. We have worked in 4 continents (North America, South America, South Africa, Oceania, Europe), where we have built empathetic and constructive relationships, creating a safe and conducive space for social performance, dialogue and agreement with indigenous and native communities, African American communities, farmers, and vulnerable groups in environments of high complexity and sensitivity (situations of armed conflict, forced displacement, high opposition to the extractive industry, countries and areas with multiple ethnic groups and tribal communities with latent conflicts). Hence, we are willing to work wherever our clients and communities need us.

We have successfully adapted to remote work, offering advice, coaching and dynamic and participatory training, through different platforms and with multiple virtual tools. We are creative and we love to innovate in seeking solutions to engage with communities, through these channels, considering the circumstances of the world today.

We are ready to travel, with our boots on and our PPE in our luggage, within Colombia or to any other geography, as long as it is safe for our consultants.

Why choose InSight?

Because we are process facilitators that develop win-win-win solutions. Because we get directly involved and work shoulder to shoulder with our clients. We build and implement practical, lasting solutions with a holistic view. Because we have proven experience and we are innovative. Because we put our hearts and lots of passion into what we do. Because our values influence our work.

What does InSight expect from its clients?

Our line of work needs continuous learning. We expect our clients to be open to reflection, to listening and to amplifying all voices. We wish them to be willing to look at different possibilities, to explore solutions that at first might seem counterintuitive or go against traditional thinking and give them a try. We wish to gain your trust and that you make us part of your company. We are ready to join you. We expect feedback to continue improving. We hope (we know!) that once you work with InSight, you will hire us again!

What doesn't InSight do?

InSight does not offer solutions that will only work in the short term and are not sustainable in time (we are not fire-fighters). Our work is always done in line with our values and with integrity, and nothing which deviates from those values will be implemented. We protect the life, freedom, safety and rights of our consultants, our clients and the communities. Anything which might put these principles at risk is not in our radar.

We listen and give value to each voice

We know that all points of view have a place in the construction of a common project