Our Approach

At InSight Social, we take a holistic approach to social performance and community relations.

Through the cycle of social performance based on social perspective, integration and understanding, we work closely with our clients to help them understand their socio-political environment, integrate social criteria into business processes, and foster and practice meaningful dialogue for business and community success based on respect for human rights, inclusion, and social impact management.

Our Principles



Our commitment to the highest ethical standards is the pillar of our relationships with our clients and with the communities. Therefore, we prioritize the proper management of socio-environmental impacts, respect and full compliance with Human Rights guarantees, and social performance alignment with a higher purpose, in the search for the common good.



We believe that every relationship should be based on respect and trust, on speaking truthfully and frankly, and demonstrating behavior consistent with what is said. Our views, concepts, and recommendations rest on our ability to facilitate collective construction processes based on this principle.


Equity and Inclusion

We embrace and value multiple and diverse standpoints and perspectives. We believe in considering and recognizing the legitimacy of the other persons and their rights. We listen, amplify and give relevance to different voices, including our own, to contribute to building consensus when there are differences and dissent.


Long-term vision

We understand development as the balance between social, environmental and economic well-being within the company-territory relationship. Our vision is aimed at the future, meaning that it stems from the responsible and proper use of resources and their due conservation, to meet the needs of future generations.



We invite and guide our clients to reflect and look inside their organization. We generate fundamental and practical changes which promote productivity, while caring for the other person, for the community and the environment.


Our approach

We are proud to offer a strong value proposition, focused on individual and organizational transformation for comprehensive social performance.

Our commitment to truth, equity and long-term vision guides all our work. We strive to build an integral social culture in business, establish solid foundations for social performance, provide a holistic and practical vision, and facilitate the transformation and evolution of teams.

Our Pillars



Have a broad view of internal and external stakeholders, including vulnerable groups; build an understanding of the socio-political context of the business operation, for strategic social planning.



Including and integrating a social perspective in planning and decision-making processes, and in the overall dynamics of the business, to build efficient strategies for managing social impacts, relationships with communities, and local and regional development.


Social Understanding

Through inclusive, equitable and respectful dialogue, reaching agreements and understanding with all interested parties, to manage common interests and achieve mutual benefits.

What advantages does InSight bring?


Generating a comprehensive social culture in your business

Through training, coaching, facilitation of co-creation processes and learning-by-doing, we ensure that our clients' working teams develop skills to understand and integrate social performance into their day to day tasks. A transformation in the way of thinking and acting.


Building a solid foundation for social performance

In partnership with our clients, we create a solid, robust and internally consistent social management system that complies with the minimum principles of adequate social performance (risk management and socio-political impacts; policies, procedures and tools; integration of human rights and gender perspective as fundamental axes; active participation, among others), so that, on this basis, the company and the community can dialogue and innovate.


Holistic vision and practicality

We provide tools and methodologies to generate and process a broad and deep understanding of the elements, connections and complexities of the socio-political business environment. We generate concrete, timely and practical results and tools. We design and implement efficient strategies and plans in the management of socio-political risks and impacts, to maximize the benefits for the parties.


Transformation and evolution

We are facilitators and catalysts for the transformation and evolution of teams, to strengthen existing capabilities. Our work goes beyond the delivery of a product or the development of a service. We seek to expand and develop existing capabilities, to leave more and better installed capacity, and for teams to expand their creative and innovative potential.


Social Understanding

We facilitate processes to, together with the communities and other stakeholders, build a common language, strengthen the sense of we (instead of I vs. the other), establish connections from the human, listen and dialogue actively, and from inclusion and equity, create alternatives of benefits for all.

All versions of reality have some truth. Exploring them leads to a truth which generates a middle ground, beyond polarization and divided opinions, benefiting everyone. My commitment is to serve in this exploration and accompany companies and communities in that search.
Laura GarciaFounder