Integrate social performance into the dynamics of the business, to facilitate decision-making processes; include social criteria in different areas; and facilitate compliance with the social purpose of the business.

Design of the Social Management System
In line with international standards (IFC; ICMM; Equator Principles; Global Compact; Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights; UN Guide on Business and Human Rights, among others), and with the needs of the business and the social context, we design the company's social management system based on policies, procedures, planning and social tools, and monitoring and evaluation mechanisms. This tool serves as a guide for the planning of strategies and plans for community relations, the management of social impacts, the management of sustainable regional development, and also provides consistency, coherence and sustainability to social performance.
The social management system provides our customers with, among other benefits:
- Building a proactive relationship with the community, open to listening, based on dialogue.
- An environment conducive to conflict prevention.
- Obtain and maintain the social license to operate.
2. Teams for a humane social management
We help our clients to structure their social management teams, to take advantage of existing profiles and capabilities, generating greater dynamism and strengthening their skills to establish closer, more humane and successful relationships with communities. Our accompaniment focuses on two lines:
  • Structuring new social teams: We develop job profiles, reporting lines, responsibilities and articulation mechanisms with other areas of the business. Likewise, we support the selection processes, and carry out induction and training processes for an integral social team.
  •  Restructuring social teams: We make a diagnosis of your current team and facilitate processes for its restructuring, in order to give it greater agility, empowerment and capacity to meet the strategic objectives of the business and social management, under an equitable, inclusive and participatory dynamic.
With our support, your company or project achieves:

to have a social performance team that is sufficient, capable, empowered, updated in social management trends, with a strong understanding of the business, with facilitation capabilities, and with strengths that help it connect with communities from a human sense.

3. Social Integration in Business
We design mechanisms to integrate social performance into business dynamics, and include social criteria and components in decision making, strategic planning processes, budget preparation, project portfolio prioritization, distribution of roles and responsibilities in social performance, and other particular client needs.
The Risk and Impact Analysis provides you with:
- Alignment with international standards.
- Prevention and adequate management of risks and impacts.
- Adequate and comprehensive management of human rights and gender perspective.
- Scenario planning and informed decision making.
- Increase social participation in decision making.
4. Catalyzing social capabilities: Training and coaching
We catalyze and facilitate the development of capacities and skills for integral social performance, and for a business with a social and human vision.
We provide training on technical issues of social performance, such as:
- International standards
- Community engagement tools
- Human rights and gender approach
- Specific topics required by the customer
We design experiential workshops that enhance skills to connect with communities.
We facilitate strategic social planning processes, conflict management (internal and external) and crisis management.
With our training and coaching processes your business achieves:
  • Individual, group and organizational transformation, for a social management that addresses the reality of the business and the communities.
  • Develop comprehensive, innovative and inclusive social strategies and plans.
  • People and teams better prepared to deal with the complexities of the environment.
  • A more harmonious and coherent social performance team, with the capacity to manage difference and internal and external conflict.